Addiction to smoking cigarettes has biological and mental aspects, quitting it by Nicopersin plays an exact and intelligent role that the smoker cease nicotine through a 40-day period in a complete harmonious and smooth route; lack of nicotine on the last days of cessation period don’t shocks smoker’s nervous system and psychologically helps the smoker to quit cigarette completely.


Nicopersin Period:

One Nicopersine contains 4 packs of Nicopersine filters, each is useable for 10 days that are totally for 40 days. It is worth to be mentioned that, Nocpersin shows influence on the second day of use, so as the smoker’s intention to smoke decreases, smoking cigarettes decreases tangibly. For example, the smoker smokes one cigarette pack (20 cigarettes) on the first day, it will decreased to 12 cigarettes on the 10th day, 8 cigarettes on the 20th day, 4 cigarettes on the 30th day and she/he will be succeeded in quitting it completely from the 35th days to the 40th of period.
Since Nicopersin causes disgust to cigarette’s smell and smoke, quitting will be permanent.

Way of Use:

It is simple to use. Remove the filter of your cigarette (tobacco paper roll) before light it and replace it with Nicopersin cigarette smoking cessation filter. Use the special adhesive tape given with Nicopersine to stick it to the cigarette.

Disgust Cigarette’s smell

The smoker likes and tolerates cigarette’s smell because it has nicotine and the smoker’s nervous system is aware of the smoke in nicotine, so she/he reacts nothing to the smell. Nicopersin using filter and removing nicotine of the smoke creates a condition in which the smoker reacts to the smoke and rejects it seriously. At the end of period using Nicopersin, the smoker not only likes smell and smoke of cigarette but reacts to it as a nonsmoker and avoids it (disgust cigarette’s smell).



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