Contour Products L Shaped Bed Pillow

  • 100% premium polyester filling ensures long-lasting comfort; Outer cover has a luxurious plush microfiber feel
  • Great pillow for alleviating shoulder pressure and supporting knees, hips and back.
  • L Shape pillow has a variety of different uses and sleeping styles. Snuggle up to a body pillow that doesn’t take up your whole bed.
  • Contour Products creates quality products that are long lasting and durable.

Are you a side sleeper that enjoys the security of cuddling up to a soft pillow? Have you been looking for a security pillow that can be used in multiple ways ranging from sitting up in bed to sleeping on your back or side? Have you been looking for a contoured neck pillow or body pillow that supports your head, neck and shoulders?

Maybe you have tried using a body pillow but found that the pillow takes up too much space. The L pillow offers the curves of a body pillow without sacrificing the space in your bed.

At Contour Products we heard the feedback from our customers and designed a pillow especially for restless side sleepers. Over time, this pillow has become an exceptional multi-use pillow for back, side and stomach sleepers!

Other boomerang pillows try to emulate the L pillow shape, but customers report the lack of stuffing and support. Side shoulder pillows can be awkward, bulky and expensive. Other pillows promise to help with neck pain or back issues but don’t bring the same comfort of a traditional pillow. Don’t waste your money or bed space with terribly designed shoulder support systems. The L pillow will bring you the best in comfort!


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