Anti-Embolism Knee Length Stockings

  • ANTIPERSPIRANT BREATHABLE FABRIC The yarns and knitting techniques used in Aurafix Compression Products ensure maximum air permeability and minimizes perspiration by throwing out the moisture. Thanks to the double-covered yarn produced by the high-quality standards of Aurafix Compression Products, the effects that may stem from the yarn remain minimal. It prevents blood cloth. This knee-high ted hose compression gives you health and comfort. Closed toe gives more stable sheer compression.
  • MEDICAL GRADE ANTI EMBOLIC The techniques used during the knitting of Aurafix Compression Products allow the products to remain soft and provide a friendly and non-irritating contact to the skin. The yarns and knitting technique ensures maximum air permeability and minimizes perspiration.
  • ANTI-SLIP BANDS – PRESSURE RESISTANT HEEL Stability of the product is ensured thanks to the applied elastic bands that prevent the drip silicon slip in Aurafix Compression Products and discomfort and uselessness caused by the slip are removed. Stability of the product is ensured thanks to the elastic bands that prevent the drip silicon slip and discomfort and uselessness caused by the slip are removed.
  • INSPECTION HOLE – COLORED HEEL The inspection (control) hole at the bottom of the sock controls the blood circulation. Pressure resistant and colorful heels provide size separation. Thanks to its soft knitting, it eliminates the risk of pressure sores and ensures the socks life to be longer. This is the Best Knee high stocking for the pre- or post-operative for patients. Designed to help prevent edema, leg discomfort, and deep vein thrombosis in individuals subjected to immobility.

Why do I need anti-embolism socks(stockings)?

Anti-emboli socks accelerate blood flow and reduce coagulation by applying constant pressure to the legs. They apply a reduced compression towards the calf and upper leg, with the external pressure being the highest in the ankle. Thus, they increase the blood flow in the deep vein system.

Aurafix Anti-Emboli Socks have been designed in accordance with the standard “TS ENV 12719 Medical Thrombosis Prophylaxis Socks”. There are 3 models as below knee, above the knee, above knee belted at the waist. There are anti-slip silicone bands on top of the socks. Thanks to its special weaving having no latex, its compliance with the patient with an elastic structure are high.

They decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis in immobilized patients before and after surgery.
They increase blood flow rate by providing graded pressure.
They increase blood flow in other venous disorders such as chronic venous stasis.

Regional leg conditions that can be aggravated by socks;
Fasciitis, recently skin graphite,
Pulmonary edema due to severe arteriosclerosis or other ischemic vascular disease
Pulmonary edema due to severe edem


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